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A-Level Ethics: Help Your Students Reach Top Grades – Eduqas/WJEC

A-Level Ethics: Help Your Students Reach Top Grades – Eduqas/WJEC


With Dr Greg Barker and Clare Lloyd


This is a recording of a webinar that was first held on Oct 7th 2021. In this focused Ethics webinar, you will find insights for your teaching, new resources and worksheets. These aim for teaching success in the most challenging areas with your students in every theme.

Unlock the most difficult areas of each theme for yourself and your students

New worksheets & quick activities that easily fit with your teaching plan

Assessment techniques to prepare them for the exam

A package of activities that will fit into your current teaching plan


Gregory A. Barker, PhD is a textbook writer, CPD presenter and revision leader for teachers and students across the United Kingdom. He is a Fellow of the University of Winchester, a former Head of Religious Studies at the University of Wales and author of books of Oxford University Press, Illuminate Publishing and others.


Clare Lloyd is an experienced senior examiner at AS and A-level. She is a teacher with 20 years’ classroom experience and author for Hodder, Illuminate and Oxford University Press. She is an experienced CPD presenter and runs Philosophy Ninja, resourcing teachers and students of Religious Studies.


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