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Greg Barker’s Concepts of Hard Determinism

Greg Barker’s Concepts of Hard Determinism


This is everything you need to teach 'Concepts of Hard Determinism' (Half of the subtheme for the Ethics section on the Concepts of Determinism. There are resources, too, to reinforce knowledge and strengthen evaluative skills.

Eduqas Ethics Theme 4 B pt.2 | WJEC A Level, Unit 4 Theme 3B Pt. 2(Ethics YR2)

This download pack gives you:

  • Lesson Plan (PDF) - this will guide you on how to use the PowerPoint and resources.
  • An Engagement Task for Hard Determinism
  • The PowerPoint: 'Hard Determinism'
  • Knowledge Exercise for Hard Determinism
  • Evaluative Exercise for Hard Determinism
  • PowerPoint notes that you can teach from and/share with your students
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