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Greg Barker’s Kerygma Challenges Lesson Bundle

Greg Barker’s Kerygma Challenges Lesson Bundle


This is everything you need to teach 'Challenges to Kerygma - the historical value of Acts and Rudolph Bultmann's approach'. (Half of the subtheme for the Kerygma section) There are resources, too, to reinforce knowledge and strengthen evaluative skills.

Eduqas Theme 1 E Pt. 2 | WJEC A Level, Unit 3 Theme 1B Pt. 2 (Christianity YR 2)

This download pack gives you:

  • Lesson Plan (PDF) - this will guide you on how to use the PowerPoint and resources.
  • The PowerPoint: 'Challenges to the Historical Value of Acts and the Work of Rudolph Bultmann.
  • An Engagement Task - Do Your Own Demythologising
  • Knowledge Exercise - Quiz on Rudolph Bultmann's Approach
  • Evaluative Exercise: The Acts Debate
  • PowerPoint notes that you can teach from and/share with your students
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