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Philosophy Mastery for Eduqas / WJEC: Religious Language 1

Philosophy Mastery for Eduqas / WJEC: Religious Language 1


With Dr Greg Barker


This is a recording of a webinar that was held on Oct 13th 2020. This webinar will help you attain mastery in these three subthemes of the Eduqas/WJEC specification: Problems of Religious Language, Cognitive but Meaningless and Non Cognitive-Analogical

• Master the content you are delivering

• Learn how to help students avoid common pitfalls

• Gain insights on exam questions

• Receive resources to use in classroom and blended learning


Gregory A. Barker, PhD is a textbook writer, CPD presenter and revision leader for teachers and students across the United Kingdom. He is a Fellow of the University of Winchester, a former Head of Religious Studies at the University of Wales and author of books of Oxford University Press, Illuminate Publishing and others.


Note: This event is not an official, nor an endorsed webinar of Eduqas / WJEC but is an offering exclusively from Dr. Gregory A. Barker and Clare Lloyd

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